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The Maching of Salt Solution on Different Test Methods


        Different test method has different way for matching solute, then to change the PH valve, finally to reach different accelerated solution effect.

  —For Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS), the PH value is 6.5~7.2 / 50g±5g/L Nacl concentration.

  —For Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (AASS), it bases on 50g±5g/L Nacl concentration

  of NSS, then adding some glacial acetic acid, and stirring evenly and finally making the PH value for 3.0~3.1.

  —For Copper Accelerated Acetic Salt Spray Test(CASS), It based on AASS, to add some Copper Chloride, its concentration is 0.26g/L±0.02g/L, and finally to stir until the Nacl and Copper Chloride dissolve completely. Finally to add less glacial acetic acid, then stirring evenly and making its PH value to 3.0~3.1.