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       Michelin Tires, the global tire technology leader has more than a century of history. Michelin’s operation centers are over the five continents and it has R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia. Its sales network is across 170 countries.

  Since 2010, Michelin Group’s Shanghai R&D center has started looking for environmental test chamber suppliers in China. After visiting at more than thirty companies and many rounds of technical and business meetings, Michelin finally decided to choose Shanghai Linpin Instrument.

  In the first PO, a customized test chamber was ordered. After half years of operating, Michelin Shanghai R&D center was fully satisfied with the supplied test chamber and they ordered 4 more sets of customized test chamber. Six more sets of test chamber were ordered later. Recently, Shanghai Linpin Instrument produced a batch of test chambers for Michelin Tires India to run acceptance tests for their new products.

  Till now, more than 1 million (PO amount) of test chambers were supplier to Michelin. Shanghai Linpin Instrument is Michelin’s first choice global test chamber supplier.